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I have worked on several talent shows involving singing, dancing, hairdressing and more. Contributors often live together during filming but the focus is on talent, competition, votes and opportunities rather than social survival and games. Some of them will have performance issues - nerves, anxiety, confidence; some will have personal issues eg depression, bereavement, drug abuse. The aim is for producers to cast the show based on talent and other issues will be managed wherever possible.

Hidden Talents (2011)

This was a different type of talent programme made by Silver River. It was not a show or a competition. It was more about individuals pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones. The aim was to find people who had unused and unrecognised talents including rock climbing, free diving, opera singing, speaking Arabic and lie detection. Hundreds of hopefuls were initially screened by experts in the skills required before I assessed the final short list from a psychological perspective.

Goldie's Band by Royal Appointment (2010)

This was one of my favourite shows to work on. It combined two of my main interests - psychological assessment and music. The whole idea was to find young people from around the UK, with disadvantages and challenges plus musical talent and to transform them into a band to perform at Buckingham Palace in front of Prince Harry and a specially invited audience. As well as helping in the selection process, I attended rehearsal sessions and the final performance at Buckingham Palace. 

So You Think You Can Dance (2009/10)

I worked on series 1 and 2 of this BBC talent show. We had to adapt and simplify the interview and questionnaires for some of the contributors, who danced brilliantly but spoke little English 

Fame Academy (2003)

This was the second TV show I ever worked on. I used interviews and personality questionnaires in the selection process, visited the location in North London during performances and did some aftercare. The winner was singer and songwriter Alex Parks.