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There is often the same separation from friends and family as in survival shows but more emphasis on competition, public voting, games and surprises, introduced by producers. Programme risks and contributor risks tend to be higher including close personal scrutiny and criticism from tabloid press, magazines and social media.

Geordie Shore (2011-2015)

This series is unusual in that contributors often continue from one series to the next - if they are popular enough. They are effectively serving a celebrity apprenticeship.  It is no secret that alcohol, with its "disinhibiting" effect, is more of an issue on GS than on most shows.


The Apprentice (2005/06)

This programme nicely illustrates the tension between casting for entertainment and competence. With my business psychology background, I could identify candidates purely on business skills - but most of them would not be very entertaining for TV. My job on this and most programmes is mainly "selecting out" on psychological grounds, leaving producers to use their expertise to "select in", based on stories and personalities etc

Big Brother (2004-2010)

I worked on Big Brother (C4 version), series 5 to 11. The whole production screening process was longer and more comprehensive on these shows than for most other programmes, including medical and psychological checks. I was also on call for the whole filming period