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Media CV

This is my Media CV including qualifications, experience, contact details and a list of most of the TV programmes I have worked on since 2001. Before that I worked as a business and clinical psychologist. I have a separate business CV for my corporate consulting and coaching.

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Psych Services

This is a description of the most common TV services I provide - screening, on-call, debriefs, and advice to producers. NB: for the curious and the pedantic, "Psych" is the TV shorthand for psychologist or psychological - not to be confused with "Psyche", which is a Greek word for soul or spirit but later used in psychoanalysis to refer to the mind i.e. the id, ego and super-ego

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Telephone & Skype Protocol

This is my recommended protocol for production teams to follow when arranging remote psych assessments - usually conducted from my office

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A-Z of Services

This is an alphabetical list of the various psych services I have provided over the years, including project management tools to keep track of the contributors and issues on the bigger programmes

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Find a Psychologist

Sometimes I am asked by contributors or TV colleagues to recommend a psychologist in their area to help them with personal issues. This document is a guide to finding a qualified and registered psychologist using a postcode search

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